Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some of the common questions our clients ask us about our services:

YES, please make sure any contractor that works at your home is licensed and insured

  • SC State License # CLM.112621
  • Town of HIlton Head Island #16870
  • Town of Bluffton ID#12934 LIC #LIC-05-21-037218
  • Beaufort County Electrical #M1505
  • Beaufort County Business #16729
  • Insurance info:
    • General Liability #CPA0012691-01
    • Automobile Liability #B1P9113C
    • Workers Comp #22WECAE7PSS
  • Is it a standard breaker or a GFCI breaker (with a yellow or red “TEST” button)
  • In order to reset a tripped circuit breaker you must first turn the breaker completely off and then back on.
  • For a GFCI breaker you may need to unplug any equipment that is being used on that circuit. (Irrigation timers, dog fence, refrigerator etc..) Faulty equipment may cause a breaker to trip.
  • If your breaker does not reset after 1 attempt, please call an electrician

This is a very broad question and cannot be directly answered without a site visit. However the following panel types should be considered for replacement:

    • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)
    • Zinsco or Sylvania
    • Challenger

“We had an issue at our office that needed addressed immediately. Not only did they pick up the phone immediately, John sent Austin out to us immediately. We were up and running in no time and really felt comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you Oceanside Electric.”

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